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About Helsmoortel Home


Marta Helsmoortel loves designing interiors that reflect the atmosphere and character of the home and its occupants. Her love for interior design was present early on when as a child she enjoyed decorating and redecorating her room, reading through any magazine on home decor and desiring to attend a nearby college of the arts. 

Born from the love of decorating and redecorating her own room, she never grew tired of the process of creating, which is why she stepped out into a career that comes back to where she started: home - to create a home that works, that evokes a feeling of comfort. 

Presently, being certified in the United States through the New York Institute of Art and Design, and teamed up with home improvement contractor and realtor Michael Helsmoortel, she is living her dream job to the fullest. 

Marta Helsmoortel
Interior Designer
Certified by the New York Institute of Art and Design 
Our Team
Michael Helsmoortel
Realtor with Channing Real Estate
Home Improvement Contractor
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